At Spreadsheet Sherpa, our leadership team values education and understands the grit it takes to pursue an academic degree.  Advanced education can be a tremendous expense.  Even those diligently saving for college are discovering that the cost of tuition, lodging, books, and supplies are rising faster than most people can save. 

In an effort to ease this heavy burden, Spreadsheet Sherpa is pleased to offer a bi-yearly (February & July) $1,000 scholarship to individuals who are currently attending or planning to attend undergraduate or graduate school in the near future.


Applicants must submit a 500+ word essay on the following topic:

We're named after the Sherpa people, one of the noblest, most persevering ethnic groups the world has ever known.  High in the Himalayas of Nepal, these earnest, hard-working souls' fight against steep terrain, unforgiving climatology, and inter-generational poverty is a true testament to the strength of the human spirit.  What is an overwhelming obstacle that you have overcome in your own life and how did you do it?

Out of the pool of applicants, our scholarship panel will choose five finalists.  We will then post the finalists' essays on our blog and social media pages.


June 1st - Submission deadline for July award

June 30th - Five finalists selected and posted on spreadsheetsherpa.com

July 15th - Summer scholarship awarded

- - -

January 1st - Submission deadline for February award

January 30th - Five finalists selected and posted on spreadsheetsherpa.com

February 15th - Winter scholarship awarded