No Time For Analytics?

Our world-class consultants can help.



Ever imagine how nice it would be if some former consultants got together and started a business that externalized the drudgery of Excel and PowerPoint?  Sure, most firms have some of those assets in-house, but can they really be trusted to...

  • Clean the client's tangle of data and make sense of it?
  • Build a world-class performance dashboard?
  • Create a slide deck that tells a compelling story?
  • Conduct a multivariate regression due the next day?
  • Discern if the hypotheses hold up and create new ones?

That's what we do. 

Spreadsheet Sherpa was launched by former Engagement Managers from Big 5 consulting firms who believe trusted advisors shouldn't have to choose whether they spend their time building client relationships or getting bogged down in Excel or PowerPoint.

We can help you assemble templates, get you part of the way there, or even be your turnkey solution for major projects.

Need leverage?  Let us do the work.


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