Growing Ministries Use Data.

How could your church grow faster?



Ever have the nagging feeling that you could be doing more with data to grow your ministry?  Better yet, wouldn't it be nice if you could hand off the drudgery of Excel and PowerPointto professionals so that you could get back to growing your ministry?

At Spreadsheet Sherpa, we do all that and more.  Some examples of recent projects that have helped other ministries include:

  • Pulling a list of all new movers within 3 miles of a church
  • Building a church-wide performance dashboard
  • Create a budget spreadsheet that staff can understand
  • Cleaning your church roster of duplicates and bad data
  • Loading your church data into an online, searchable database

That's what we do!

Spreadsheet Sherpa was launched by former top management consultants, people of faith who believe ministry leaders shouldn't have to choose whether they spend their time serving their people or getting bogged down in Excel or PowerPoint.

We can help you assemble templates, get you part of the way there, or even be your turnkey solution for major projects.

Want to grow with data?  Let us do the work.


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