Close Enough: Using the QUOTIENT Formula in Excel

We live in a precise world where fractions of fractions make a difference... but refreshingly, sometimes all you need is to nestle in close in order to have a "good enough" answer.

If one such occasion means dividing one number into another, the QUOTIENT formula is your new best friend!  Here's how it works.

Suppose you have two columns of numbers, one (the denominator) that has to go into another (the numerator).

Sure, you could start out super precise and divide it and use formatting tricks to get rid of the decimals...

...but why not use a function whose sole purpose is to return the integer value of a division problem?  It's a bit like we learned in grade school:  there is the quotient and the remainder.  Here, we're just after the quotient, and Excel provides a QUOTIENT function.

See, integers only!

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