Quick Multiplying: Using PRODUCT to Multiply in Excel

We're all creatures of habit, aren't we?  We learn to do things a certain way, and as long as it works, we'll cling to our tried-and-true method... even if it takes way longer than a better alternative!

The purpose of this post is to offer a helpful, speedy way to multiply, but it may be uncomfortable at first if you've heretofore been used to using the star * operator to multiply in Excel.

So let's say we have two or more numbers we need to multiply.

Of course we have at our disposal the * operator such that we can type =cell1*cell2

But the more numbers we have to multiply, the more sense it makes to use the PRODUCT formula instead.  You'll notice below we don't even need to specify individual cells, we can just drag our mouse lazily across a whole range and be done with it!

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