The Many Ways To Add In Excel

For many long-time Excel users, the SUM formula holds a special place in their hearts as the first formula they ever learned.  For those just starting out, it can be the perfect stepping stone to discovering a whole new world of Excel that goes way beyond list-making.

So today, let's learn a bit about how we might add in Excel!  The first way is simply to type an equals sign and use simple addition with the "+" operator:

Another way is to use the SUM formula, and choose each term individually.  We can do this by selecting each cell with our mouse, or typing out the different cell references separated by commas.

The last way, my personal favorite, is to select a range of cells.  We can do this with the mouse by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the cursor across a range, or by typing two cell references separated by a ":".  The colon simply means "everything between these two cells, and including these two cells."

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