Getting EVEN... or ODD... in Excel!

Now that we've been writing about IF formulas for a couple of weeks, you're ready to know a deep and profound truth:  an IF formula is kind of like making your own formula.  When there's no function that already does what you want it to do, your only recourse is to use an IF formula!

For example, let's say that you wanted a formula that forces a number to be even.  In English,

"If the number is already even, leave it unchanged; if not, round it up to the next even number."

Or the same thing, but odd:

"If the number is already odd, leave it unchanged; otherwise, round it up to the next odd number."

These are simply expressed in English, but the IF statement's condition gets a bit wonky looking for remainders and things.  It's doable, but wouldn't you know, Excel provides EVEN and ODD formulas that do exactly what we're describing!

No IF function required!

Let's learn the lesson well: before you launch into creating a big, nasty IF statement, take two minutes and contact Spreadsheet Sherpa to see if there's a prefab formula that already exists to do what you want!