Text Detective: Fixing Text in Excel with IF and FIND

A good IF statement is like a good hound dog--just give him a sniff o' what he needs to find and turn him loose to find the trail!

Today's topic is something I use literally every day:  IF statements whose behavior is driven by looking for certain text strings.  There are COUNTLESS uses of this thing, but a very common one is cleaning long lists of hyperlinks, some of which have the "http://" and some don't.

In English first, we want our IF statement to do the following:

"If I can't find 'http://' in the string, concatenate 'http://' with the string; otherwise, just leave the text string unchanged"

Excel-speak for "can't find" is a combination of two formulas:  ISERROR and FIND.


When the FIND function doesn't find it's target, it generates an error--so putting that inside an ISERROR gives us the TRUE/FALSE we need to power our IF statement.

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