AND Candy! Using IF With AND In Excel

Here at Spreadsheet Sherpa, we get certain questions all the time.  One of them is, what do I do if I need to check whether two or more things are true in an IF formula?

This calls for an AND formula!

Normally, an IF statement checks just one condition:


But if we want the conditional to check the truth of two or more terms, we can consider the following example with two columns of numbers.

As always, we express what we want to do in English first:  "If BOTH N7 and O7 are greater than 1, return the text string 'BOTH GREATER'; otherwise, return the text string 'BOTH NOT GREATER.'"

Then we type our formula!


Remember, AND is only for situations when every condition needs to be TRUE.  If only one condition needs to be TRUE, we need the OR formula.  More on that tomorrow!

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