MONTH Mania: Finding The Month From Dates In Excel

Months are important!

If [CURRENT MONTH] = 4 (April), time to pay my taxes!

If [CURRENT MONTH] = 7 (July), time to take a vacation!

If [CURRENT MONTH] = 11 (November), time to eat turkey!

So there we go, it's often useful to check a date in order to know what its month is.  But how?

The first method is to use the MONTH() function, which returns a number from 1 to 12 assuming the function references a valid date.


The second method, if you need the actual name of the month, is to use the TEXT() function and specify "mmm" or "mmmm" as the format.  This essentially tells Excel to ignore everything else about the date and simply return the month.


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