Cellmates: CONCATENATE Function With Cells

Think of cells like Tupperware.  Each cell is a piece of Tupperware that you can put all sorts of things inside.  Now sometimes, you want to take the contents of two or more pieces of Tupperware and put them all in one.  How do we do that?

The CONCATENATE function!  Here's how it works.  Let's say we have our two pieces of Tupperware and they contain four letters each.  We can start the function in the adjacent cell (or any cell) by typing


Then we need to tell Excel which cells' contents we want to schmush together.

Press ENTER and vwallah!  We have our new Tupperware container with eight letters.

You may be wondering if we can select a range of cells instead of each cell individually?

Sadly, no... it generates an error with CONCATENATE.  But there is a silver lining... Office 2016 introduced the TEXTJOIN function for just this purpose.  Ah, the joy of upgrades!

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