One Minute To Better Excel Functions: AVERAGEs

We've recently looked at how to start a spreadsheet well with appealing headers, how to save files smarter, and the various options by which to SUM our data.  Let's keep the momentum going with some thoughts on how to average our data!

As the video shows, there are plenty of ways to average things in Excel.  Here's a quick rundown.


The start of every formula!  This is how we push the cell around, telling it what to do, who to be, what to show.  Just click on the cell and type the equals sign.


I suppose one way to average cells would be to add each individually and then divide the total by the number of cells (5) with a forward slash ("/"):



Much better would be a SUM() function divided by a COUNT() function--somewhat less error prone than counting the number of cells!



But what if you want to let an Excel function do all the averaging for you?  There's a function for averaging!  Like we did the SUM() in the last blog post, let's include all of column K.


Should you need help with any of these concepts, we're just a phone call away!  Rather than spend your time trying to become an Excel expert, we can fix it for you in minutes!  Give Spreadsheet Sherpa a call at 877.851.0132 today.