One Minute To Better Excel Functions: SUM

We get calls about all sorts of things from Excel users here at Spreadsheet Sherpa, but the most common issues we help with have to do with functions and formulas.  Makes sense, right?  Spreadsheets are a breeze when we're just entering data into them to store information, but the moment we need to do something to the data in the form of a function, our amygdala response is to throw something at the computer or run down the street screaming or both.

As the video shows, there are plenty of ways to add things in Excel.  Here's a quick rundown.


The start of every formula!  If you want to tell a cell what to do, who to be, what to show, click on the cell and type equals.  It all starts here.


I suppose one way to add up cells would be to select them each individually and use plus signs ("+"):



Much better would be a SUM() function that allows you to select a range of cells.  The colon (":") here means "everything between":



But what if you want to add more cells along the way?  You'd have to change the function each time with the above solution.  To allow for expansion of your data, the best option might be to SUM() all of column K.


Should you need help with any of these concepts, we're just a phone call away!  Rather than spend your time trying to become an Excel expert, we can fix it for you in minutes!  Give us a jingle at 877.851.0132 today.