One Minute To Better Excel Functions: MINs

Minimums aren't always bad.  Sometimes less is more, right?  Golf.  Airplane seats.  Hot sauce.

Excel gives us an easy way of figuring out the minimums of data sets:  the MIN() function.  Here are some options for using it.  Of course, we always begin with...


This is how we tell a cell what to do, who to be, what to show.  Click on the cell and type equals.  Simple!  Now how do we find the minimum of Column K?


I suppose one way to find the minimum would be to type "=MIN(" then hold down CTRL and select each of the cells:



Much better, of course, is dragging the mouse across the whole range for which we want to find the minimum:



But what if we add all the NFL Quarterbacks in 20+ more rows?  Let's use a formula that will stand the test of time no matter how many rows we add:


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