Introducing Spreadsheet Sherpa

Oftentimes when you need to get something done, you don't want training.  You don't want to watch a video.  You want to get it fixed and move on to what you do best.

Nowhere is this more true than Microsoft Excel.

Learning how to execute the perfect chart, formula, or table isn't as important as getting the answer and moving on.

Welcome to Spreadsheet Sherpa.  We're your fast, friendly, affordable resource for getting your Excel work behind you so that you can get back to living, growing, and learning where it matters.

How does it work?

Call (877) 851-0132.

Talk to an expert.

Share your screen.

We fix it while you watch.

All good.

We're Spreadsheet Sherpa.  We look forward to serving you.

- Derik Timmerman, Founder of Spreadsheet Sherpa